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Little 5 Points Halloween Parade – Slightly NSFW!

October 28, 2011 2 comments

Cover the kiddies’ ears for this one…there’s a bit of naughty language!



October  means Halloween and the best way to kick it off  in Atlanta is with the Little 5 Points Halloween Festival & Parade.  This free celebration is one of the biggest in the southeast and one of the top ten Halloween events in the country!

The 11th annual Little 5 Points Halloween Celebration is a festival and parade located in the L5P community along Moreland and Euclid Avenues.  Along with the parade, several stages are set up throughout the community with music from local bands…… and of course drinks and food are also available to keep the party festive!

Little 5 Points is well-known for being an eccentric and diverse neighborhood.  The whole community comes together to experience counter culture, mainstream and obscure costumes, scary, funny, the unexpected – but always memorable!

Not sure which is more fun to watch – the parade OR the people attending the parade.  What do you think??

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Coming soon….The Little 5 Points Halloween Parade!

October 27, 2011 Leave a comment

The Pennie Tour attended The Little 5 Points Halloween Parade and met so many interesting people!   In order to show it before Halloween it’s leapfrogging all others currently in production and will be available online tomorrow!   Look for it!  It’s going to be slightly NSFW for a little bit of language…but don’t be scared, it’s like no other parade you’ve ever seen.


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